Bloody Scotland reminder – this Saturday

A quick reminder that I’m appearing at Bloody Scotland this Saturday at 10am with Allan Guthrie and Alex Sokoloff.

Alex has blogged about it at her site – she’ll be interrogating Al and I on digital publishing among other things. If you’re an aspiring author – much like I was two years ago when I saw Al at Bloody Scotland – then it’ll hopefully be an inspiring talk.

– Ed

WINDCHILL (Cullen 6) – pre-order now


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More Ed James on the radio…

UPDATE: It’s live here; 24m30s.

Just a quick note to say I went into the BBC Scotland studios yesterday to record some stuff about self-publishing, crowdfunding for authors and a few other bits and bobs. It should be going out on Radio 4’s PM programme tonight.

In a tribute to the Clash, I even made my own cup of tea while I was waiting. “Do you wanna make tea at the BBC…”

– Ed

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WINDCHILL (Cullen 6) – available for pre-order NOW


Cullen 6 – WINDCHILL is available for pre-order on Amazon.

£2.99, $4.99 and some odd fraction in EUR/AUD/CAD -

Amazon links

For clarity, this is a novel set at Christmas time and the New Year, told in two parts.

COWBOYS AND INDIANS will be book 7 and hopefully out not too much longer after this little baby.

– Ed


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Just added – Ed James’ Current Projects page!

I get a lot of questions about when this, that or the other thing is coming out. Hugh Howey, the sci-fi author has a widget on his site so I thought I’d add something similar.
The place to keep on top of my release schedule is here -
Current Projects Page
That’s a hell of a lot of books I’m working on. As ever.
If you want to keep on top of these books as I write them, subscribe to my mailing list – monthly-ish update of what’s going on.
I know I’ve been a bit quiet, but my head has been down. Got a lot of projects I’m focused on and this blog has taken a bit of a beating.
Little side note – the revised edition of DYED IN THE WOOL is now available from Amazon. This one took a hell of a beating in the revision process, going from 112,000 to 83,000 words, most of what came out either redundant scenes or words. It flows a lot better. You should be able to get a revised version from your Manage My Kindle page. Again, sorry for not releasing these books on other platforms, but nobody bought them when they were there (the collected edition is available).
— Ed

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Ed James at BLOODY SCOTLAND on 20-Sep-14 @ 10am

Just a quick note to let you know I’ll be appearing at this year’s Bloody Scotland as a presenter as well as a punter -

I’ll be appearing with Allan Guthrie, who’s one of my biggest influences as a writer, and we’ll talking a lot about digital publishing, as well as Cullen and the other mad stuff I’ve got in the pipeline.

I went to the first event two years ago and it was excellent (I couldn’t make it last year what with being a WILLIE and a heavy cold) – there are a lot of things I aim to attend this year.

Also, closer to my home, I’ll be appearing at the Write:On festival in Haddington tomorrow night.

– Ed

The Cullen books, GHOST IN THE MACHINE free –

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Ed James on Radio 4 today – The rise of the WILLIEs

As most of you will know, last year I was a WILLIE for nine months, WILLIE of course meaning Work In London Live In Edinburgh, and did a hell of a lot of writing while I travelled. I recorded a piece for Radio 4 as part of their ‘Rise of the WILLIEs’ show last month – looks like they’ll even use some of it… Show goes out at 11am -

Was quite a mad time in my life, though my back is still pretty buggered from the experience.

– Ed


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Kobo / Nook / Amazon

I’ve been experimenting with using multiple sales channels over the last few months.

Previously, I’d found that Amazon was >99% of my sales figures though, curiously, 85% of my free downloads. I wanted to see if that 15% would turn into sales on the other channels. Also, I get occasional posts, tweets and emails about whether I’ll put my books on Kobo/Nook/iBooks/etc.

Well, I tried. Put it this way, having had the books out there for seven weeks now, I’ve realised I sell 2.5 times EVERY DAY on Amazon what I’ve sold in that period across Kobo and Nook. Say what you like about Amazon, they really have created a market for indies like me to exploit and create a career out of.

So, I’m going back all-in with Amazon ‘s KDP Select as of next Wednesday, 07-May. For all those who’ve contacted me asking for the other Cullens on non-Kindle platforms, you’ve got a week to get the books.

In all seriousness, if you read books on your tablet (iPad, Fire, Nook Colour, etc) then I recommend you get the Kindle app for my books. It’s really good. I’d also advise against reading on a tablet – your eyes’ blink reflex is deadened compared with paper or eInk so you get dry eyes. As someone who’s had laser surgery on my ‘een’, I’m acutely aware of how bad my eyes feel when I’ve beasted my iPad for a long period (most recently reading twenty issues of CAPTAIN AMERICA back-to-back on Comixology…) I’m not a professional but speak to your optician if you get pain or dry eyes – don’t mess with your eyesight.

In other news, I’m just about finished Draft 1+ of SNARED, DS Dodds book one. I say 1+ and that means I wrote it last week and I’m firing through it to fix errors and stop things like summary narrative which is something I’m trying to kill in my books.

There’ll be a mailing list entry in the next couple of days, so sign up!

– Ed


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