GHOST IN THE MACHINE – new artwork and Kindle edition

I’ve just spent today making the final proof edits to GHOST IN THE MACHINE that I should have made in April but, you know, didn’t.  Turns out there were 34 clangers in there – missing words, repeated words – that really let the side down.  Most importantly, I let the school down, etc.  Additionally, there are 625 very minor punctuation fixes – nothing that will change the story, don’t worry.  I removed a reference to the killer having a Northern Irish accent – it didn’t go anywhere.  Finally, there was a plot thread that was left hanging which I’ve now closed off (email me if you want to know!).

I’m just re-uploading it now and if you have already bought a copy you SHOULD get an email from Amazon notifying you that a new version is available.

The biggest change is the new cover – I love it.  Thanks to C for the artwork:


It is in keeping with the DEVIL IN THE DETAIL artwork (more on that in the next few weeks).  Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Just going to format it for Createspace and then we should have the paperback version out there in the wild.

— Ed

Author: edjamesauthor

East Lothian-based writer of crime fiction novels. Published by Amazon Publishing's Thomas & Mercer imprint and self-published on Kindle.

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