I’m sitting in Stirling in the mid-September sunshine. I’m at bloody Scotland today, the first literary crime festival in Scotland. Judging by the attendance today, I imagine there will be another one. Just been to a fascinating discussion on ebooks – Downloading the Detectives – which actually made me feel really connected to the writerly world, and I plucked U the courage to ask a question on the old sock puppet / John Locke buying reviews thing.

I’ll blog later about what I’m seeing but it’s quite refreshing to have nothing to do between shows. I’m usually so busy all the time – tapping away on my netbook on the train and so on – that it’s good to just sit and think. I have brought a notebook with me and I’ve been bashing out some ideas for book three – DYED IN THE WOOL – which I’m itching to write…

Apologies for the lack of updates recently – I’ve been flat out finishing off the editing on DEVIL IN THE DETAIL. Not long to go…

— Ed

Author: edjamesauthor

East Lothian-based writer of crime fiction novels. Published by Amazon Publishing's Thomas & Mercer imprint and self-published on Kindle.

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