Granny taughts us to suck eggses

You’ll know from my biography that we’ve got more than a few rescue birds – seven hens, eight ducks (though only three hens). The biggest problem with the birds is that farmers get rid of them every when their egg yield goes down 10% (or just kill the males) and that’s why we rescue them. This happens in free range and organic egg production and is a sensible way to run a business, providing there is an appropriate rehoming going on. Having second year and onwards birds, however, still means you have far more eggs than you know what to do with.

A recent bright idea of ours is to pickle them. My main problem with hard-boiled eggs is getting the shells off. No longer – check this awesome link for a literally magical method:

I’ve just done over thirty using that method and it was amazing good fun!

— Ed

Author: edjamesauthor

East Lothian-based writer of crime fiction novels. Published by Amazon Publishing's Thomas & Mercer imprint and self-published on Kindle.

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