BOTTLENECK – released 17-Mar & cover


Unfortunately, I’m going to have to delay the release of BOTTLENECK by a couple of weeks to Monday 17-Mar-14. Sincere apologies for this, it’s entirely my own fault. Nothing major, just juggling a few too many plates just now. It will be more than worth the wait. As someone told me recently, I’ve made a real mistake calling it that. Should have stuck with SPANNER IN THE WORKS…

Anyway, here is the artwork for the book – it’s a radical departure from the style of the previous books and I’m really happy with it –



Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting the following things for you –

  • Cover reveal – today
  • Blurb – next week
  • First chapter – following week

This is a pretty difficult decision to make but I think it’s important. I’m trying to release the highest quality work I can and not cut the corners I used to. I am getting better at understanding how much work is involved in the production of a book. This one is the best thing I’ve done by a good distance and I’m determined to get it right.

Thanks again for all of your support.

— Ed

Author: edjamesauthor

East Lothian-based writer of crime fiction novels. Published by Amazon Publishing's Thomas & Mercer imprint and self-published on Kindle.

8 thoughts

  1. No worries mate. Am sure the wait will be well worth it. Keep it going. You are doing a wonderful job. Really enjoy the Cullen series. Keep smiling we’re all behind you.

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