About Ed James


About Ed James

Ed James writes crime fiction novels, predominantly the SCOTT CULLEN series of police procedurals set in Edinburgh and the surrounding Lothians – the first four are available now, starting with GHOST IN THE MACHINE which has been downloaded over 280,000 times and is currently free. BOTTLENECK (Cullen 5) is out on 17-Mar-14. He is currently developing two new series – DI SIMON FENCHURCH and DS VICKY DODDS, set in London and Dundee respectively. He also writes the SUPERNATURE series, featuring vampires and other folkloric creatures, of which the first book SHOT THROUGH THE HEART is out now and free.

Ed lives in the East Lothian countryside, 25 miles east of Edinburgh, with his girlfriend, six rescue moggies, two retired greyhounds, a flock of ex-battery chickens and rescue ducks across two breeds and two genders (though the boys don’t lay eggs). While working in IT for a living, Ed wrote mainly on public transport but now writes full time.


Scott Cullen’s Edinburgh

This is a little video I did to support the release of BOTTLENECK a couple of years ago. Hope you enjoy it!

Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz-z7NNtPM4


12 thoughts

  1. Hi Ed,
    Thanks for your Twitter follow. You won’t be bombarded with tweets from me. It looks like you are a few big steps ahead of me on the self publishing front. I too, am coming to grips with Scrivener, which I think is great – once you find your way around it.

    I’ve tried the trad-route to publishing to no avail. My attempt to raise funds by crowd funding for editing my novel Why? flopped too. But I’m pressing on, though it will take a while yet.

    You can find me at http://edwintipple.wordpress.com/ or at http://www.edwintipple.com

    Best of luck with your writing. I hope we can compare notes from time to time.


    1. Hi Edwin –

      We share a name… I’m not an Edward either…

      Good luck with it – sounds like you’re in a similar place to where I was last year. I tried the get an agent thing – got some interest, two agencies wanted to read the whole thing and then nothing. You can only push forward on fumes for so long.

      Last year, a mate of mine self-published on Kindle and had a modicum of success. That filled the tank up. I seriously recommend using the KDP and Createspace tools that Amazon offer – having your book out there, being read by people, is serious motivation.

      Never considered the crowd funding seriously – most success on the likes of kickstarter for writing comes from established names doing something indie and left field, and I feel the likes of you and I doing it would require something of a “profile”.

      In terms of editing, a couple of pieces of advice. 1) tone down the perfectionism and have the confidence to publish – the public are actually pretty forgiving. 2) if you can’t do it professionally, get some friends to read it and give honest, brutally honest, feedback. Stuff like “this bit is boring”, “this scene doesn’t do anything”, etc – as long as its problems raised and not solutions (eg why not have this) it will help.

      Oh, but the one thing you definitely need to do is to do a proper proof edit before publishing. One of the biggest lessons learned.

      Send me a mail if you want to chat further.

      — Ed

  2. Thanks Ed,

    I have an obscure non-fiction book on KDP about my experiences in Thailand ‘My Thai Eye’. I did this just for the experience. Didn’t expect to sell many and wasn’t surprised when I didn’t!

    I’ve been looking at Create Space too, and may well use them both, for my novel – crime fiction set on the railways of post war Britain. But I’ll also drop it into Smashwords who send books to every eBook store I’ll ever know about.

    I’ve got a good couple of beta readers too – and we’re still talking.

    I joined The Writers’ Workshop a few years back. It’s a very good site for many budding writer’s. They can get helpful free comments from other members on all aspects of writing. Or you can pay a whole raft of editors – but they are expensive, very, though the money I spent with them was worth it. They’re here at http://writersworkshop.co.uk/home.html

    I’m going to be well into next year I think before I publish this novel, but I’ll let you know what goes on, or if I find anything that might interest you.


  3. Hi Ed
    Just to let you know my library bought a copy of Ghost in the Machine as part of our Tarten Crime section and is going down a storm.

    1. Oh but wait you’ll have to… Currently 26% through the first draft but I made the mistake of setting a date last time and it was pretty stressful getting it out there. Want to make this one perfect – it’s an epic and I’m enjoying writing it.

      Glad you enjoy Mr Cullen and his antics – there are many more books to come in the series…

      — Ed

  4. Just finished reading Ghost in the Machine – great book ! I noticed at the end you said most of the pubs do not exist – but I have been the Basement in Broughton Street, The Elm Bar in Elm Row, and I was in the Jekyll & Hyde in Hanover Street, right opposite No 99 ! Anyway, looking forwrad to reading the next one. I live in Edinburgh, so if you are ever in the city and would care to meet up for a drink . . .I

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