Current Projects

This page lists all of the current projects, and is something I’ll try to keep fairly up-to-date. If you’ve got any questions about other things, leave a comment or drop me a note.

Series Book Status Release
Hunter 3 The Black Isle Editing 1st Dec ’19
Max Carter 1 TBA Pending 21 Jan ’20
Max Carter 2 TBA Outlined 19 May ’20
Max Carter 3 TBA Not started 29 Sep ’20
PROJECT BIGTIME TBA Editing Mar ’20 & May ’20

Update history –

27-Sep-19: Long overdue update!

26-Mar-18: Updated with new titles and new deal.

04-Aug-17: updated to reflect current schedule.

06-Oct-16: updated with changes to HUNTED, HEROES & VILLAINS and WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU.

03-Jun-16: updated with changes

14-Mar-16: updated with changes to Cullen 8, Future Shock and revised dates for Fenchurch 1, 2 and 3.

12-Feb-16: updated to reflect latest positions on the books. Still a lot TBC!

29-Sep-15: updated to remove COWBOYS now it’s finished and update on my tentative publishing schedule, all TBC.

10-Aug-15: updated to show COWBOYS nearing completion, remove JUST WALKING THE DEAD and SNARED and update a few minor details.

24-Apr-15: updated show writing COWBOYS, submission (and rename) of THE HOPE THAT KILLS, further draft of FUTURE SHOCK.

23-Feb-15: updated to reflect completion of CRASH draft 2, FUTURE SHOCK being put on hold, progress on Al Guthrie’s draft of BLOOD WILL OUT and starting Cullen book 7

12-Dec-14: updated to remove WINDCHILL, add FUTURE SHOCK and update CRASH INTO MY ARMS as a live project.

28-Oct-14: updated to reflect WINDCHILL release and to confirm release date for SNARED.

28-Sep-14: updated to reflect work schedule

23-Aug-14: updated status of WINDCHILL after first draft complete.


31 thoughts

  1. Looking forward to the next Cullen book I have read them all this year since my lovely daughter bought me a Kindle

  2. Ian Rankin fans NEED to read the D.C. Cullen series! You’ve become my favourite author recently! Shame I’ve read them all so quickly… looking forward to the next one (early this year I hope?!)

    1. Hi Chelsea –

      Cheers for the nice note. Shucks! Cullen 7 will be sometime this year, hopefully before April, but I’ve not started writing it and i’ve got a couple of other beasties I’m working on just now. SNARED is out in April, which should fill the void…


  3. Ed – I have loved the Cullen books – very much looking forward to Cowboys and Indians. After reading the first 6, he feels like he’s part of my life now!

  4. Ed, I’ve raced through Cullen 4 – 6 in the last couple of weeks! Such good stories. Love the banter between the characters and can’t wait to see how the Cullen/Bain relationship develops in book 7. Looking forward to the release of Cowboys and Indians…

      1. Hi Ed, yes I did enjoy Snared. I’m looking forward to how VIcky develops – I’m sure there’s more to be revealed about her and her past. Just got Cowboys to wait for now…..

  5. Not sure which character I want to read more of, Cullen or Dodd..suspect the same will happen with your other projects…just don’t burn yourself out man!

  6. Hi Ed, I have just finished both the DI Fenchurch novels, and I just wanted to say I thought they were brilliant, kept me on the edge of my seat. I look forward to the third instalment.

  7. Just half way through the first DI Fenchurch and enjoying it so much I’m already looking for book 2! Must also look at your other books. I like your style, Ed!

  8. I have just read all Cullen books straight through and was e expecting book 8 as it s a I’d due end 2016 these books are great hope it won the too long keep the good work up

  9. Started off with Scott Cullen 1 a few months ago and have now read all of them aswell as all the DI Fenchurch, Craig Hunter and Vicky Dodds books! Great stuff. Will be eagerly awaiting whatever you release next!

    1. Heh, glad to have you onboard. Won’t be anything from me until next year now. Got myself in one of those valleys again. Will be at least three novels, probably four.

  10. Hi love your Scott Cullen books have read all 7 in a week and a half but you need to see about updating the end of book 7 I have been searching for book it said it was out in 2016 plz hurry up. I also love do fenchurch are you bringing out more of his books? Thanks x

    1. Hi Scarlett, I need to update that. Whoops! Yeah, it’ll be early 2018, sorry. But there’s two more Fenchurch out next year. Keep an eye on my mailing list for some sneaky Cullen soon. Ed

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